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Are you a legal professional?


At Relentless, our legal professional clients benefit from our ability to work closely with them to suit their requirements.

In 1993, we were the very first process serving company to successfully obtain a special commissioner designation for our office manager. This allows us to return your file to you much quicker. Did you know that it is actually an offense under the B.C. Evidence Act for a Special Commissioner to charge a fee for their service?

Some of our legal professionals want to prepare the documents themselves and then have us file the documents, serve the involved parties, and provide an affidavit of service.

Others take care of the filing themselves, then contact us to serve the involved parties, providing prompt pickup and return to your office.

Whatever choice you make, you will know that our servers are not glorified filing agents, or as one of our clients likes to call them, door knockers.

At Relentless, we treat every file we receive with the highest priority, as we know that in this business one of the most important factors is the trust between us and the legal professional.

We are ready to discuss your process serving needs. I can assure you that we will not disappoint .